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Star trek fleet command ship max tier list

Gar / 21.03.2021

Star Trek: Fleet Command is a free-roaming multiplayer online strategy game that lets you explore the vastness of space aboard your very own starship.

Battles happen in real-time against a variety of enemy ships as well as hundreds of other players scattered across the galaxy. The RPG-style quests and story progressions provides a general direction of what players ought to do and where to go but at the same time everyone is free to roam and explore the galaxy as they please.

There are upgrades to be done on your starbase as well as your starships and you get to choose the captains and crew for your ships from among a wide roster of characters from the Star Trek movie reboot franchise.

Whether you are a fan of the popular franchise or very much into real-time strategy games, Star Trek: Fleet Command has plenty to offer and can provide hours after hours of fun and entertainment. As the commander of your very own starbase, Star Trek: Fleet Command takes you on a journey of epic proportions as you beam up to your starship and explore the vast galaxy space-warping from one star system to the next.

As you visit new and unique planets, you can take on a variety of missions that can take you across space.

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You can battle hostile enemies and other players in real-time as well for more resources and glory. You can join alliances to help you speed up development as well as earn additional bonuses for the seemingly never-ending needs of your base.

There are hundreds of missions to and in several instances you will be free to choose which ones you want to take on next. As your multi-tasking and strategic skills are put to the ultimate test, you can take some time off and just explore across the galaxy to discover what more is in store for you and your crew. Star Trek: Fleet Command provides a nifty tutorial that walks you through the initial phases of the game and properly introduces you to the basic concepts you need to understand to progress on your own later in the game.

As much is presented through an introductory part of a developing story, following the missions associated with it will be your constant guide for the most part of the game.

The way structures in your starbase are upgraded may seem unfamiliar, most of the other mechanics of the game can be easily grasped. The various on-screen icons, with the occasional highlights are very noticeable cues for you to check on items where an action may be required. All-in-all, understanding the game is really easy, but the strategy part may take some time for any player to master. As your first few minutes in Star Trek: Fleet Command takes you through an introduction to its story and gameplay mechanics, you should continue on with the succeeding missions as indicated on the lower left hand side of the screen.

You can also click on the exclamation mark, to view the list of pending missions you have to accomplish. Take note that story missions are always at the top and some of the missions just cannot be accomplished yet potentially at the bottom but are shown there as future targets anyway.

As you venture from one landmark to another and one star system to the next ones, you will notice exclamation marks that may not be a part of the missions you have activated.Welcome to the dummies guide on how to get stronger in Star Trek Fleet Command.

Once you are done with the tutorial, always build and upgrade as many different types of buildings as possible. The more buildings you have built or upgrade the higher your overall strength. Also, upgrade your Operations building as much as possible. The higher the level of your Operations building, the higher your other buildings can be upgraded in terms of level. You will require different resources in order to build or upgrade a building.

There are only 3 types of resources in this game:. Building or upgrading a building takes an amount of time before the building has successfully been built or upgraded.

The higher the level of the building, the longer it takes to successfully upgrade a building. You can use Latinum to instantly finish building or upgrading if you want as long as you have enough Latinum to do so. The higher the building level, the longer it will take to finish upgrading to its next level and the more resources required.

The daily goals will reset every 24 hours and you will be rewarded with tons of resources and Latinum if you complete all of them. The game will bring you to that location for you to complete. While you are doing the main story mission The first onethere is a chance you will be given 2 choices and you have to select either 1 of them to progress through the mission.

What it means it shows their current level. Basically the higher the level, the more strength the enemy ship has. Another thing to take note is that your ship will take damage after the battle Regardless of victory or defeat. This is where you will see different planets for ships to explore. I highly recommend exploring each and every one of the planets in the Galaxy. Each planet has a number beside it which basically means the average level of enemy ships that you will discover.

For example, the Takik 4 planet will contain level enemy ships. This is where you can move your ship to that location and accept new missions for more rewards. The Captain will be at the middle slot of the Bridge which will determine the Maneuver and Synergy group. Bridge officers will be able to use their Active Abilities in battle and mining while Crew officers only help increase stat bonus for attack, defense and HP.

To assign your Officers, tap on any of the officers at the bottom of the screen and tap on any of the Bridge Officer or Crew Officer slots above. If you have not done so, I would suggest joining an Alliance Guild as soon as you can. You can unlock some of the Alliance features such as:.

Premium recruit tokens can be obtained from completing daily goals and events.You have the conn! Enter a galaxy on the brink of war as Federation, Klingon, and Romulan forces vie for control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

Discover an ancient secret that could tip the scales of power forever. As the commander of a starbase on the edge of civilized space, you will recruit iconic officers like James T.

Red Alert!

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star trek fleet command ship max tier list

Sign Up.Star Trek: Fleet Command is an ongoing mobile game set in the alternate reality. Described as a " free-roaming multiplayer Star Trek experience [combining] role-playing game style progression and real-time battles with enemy ships ", the game is published by Scopelywho developed the game with Digit Game Studios and in collaboration with CBS Interactive.

The game was announced on 2 Novemberand launched on 29 November for iOS and Android devices. Officers are necessary for Star Trek Fleet Command ships, and each can improve the ship's effectiveness in different ways, if serving as captain or as one of the two other bridge officers.

When serving as captain, the officer's "Captain maneuver" is activated. When serving as captain or one of the other two bridge officers, the officer's "Officer ability" is activated. Each officer belongs to an officer group, based on their backgrounds. When officers from the same officer group serve together on a ship's bridge, their abilities may be increased through synergy.

An officer may be rated CommonUncommonRareor Epic. That determines the chance of "recruiting" them to a player's available crew. Officers are recruited by opening recruiting chests, which produce officer "shards"; between six and shards see the Officer table are required to recruit a new officer.

Standard Recruit chests usually initially always provide Common officer shards; Premium Recruit chests usually provide Uncommon officer shards, with smaller chances of Rare or Epic shards; Ultra Recruit chests provide either Rare or Epic officer shards; faction Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Augment recruit chests provide recruits from specific factions; and events sometimes add other types of recruiting chests.

In addition to initially recruiting officers, recruiting chests may be used to promote them, which allows them to rise one rank and another five levels. The table indicates only the shards required for initial recruiting; higher ranks require more shards. In addition to earning enough shards for promotion, there is a promotion cost.

Star Trek Fleet Command

Officers can be part of one of three divisions: Command star:Operations and Engineering spiral galaxy:or Science and Medical ringed planet:. When one officer from each division serves on the bridge, their effective abilities may be increased.

Officers advance along two tracks: level and rank. To advance in level, Officer XP experience is needed. This table shows the Officer XP required to advance a typical officer to each level:. Some officers require more or less Officer XP to advance. Unconfirmed: Common and Uncommon officers advance at the standard cost or lessRare officers advance at double cost, and Epic officers advance at four times cost.

This table shows names of ranks for officers, the level limit for each rank, and promotion costs for levels. Some officers require more Officer XP to be promoted in rank. At higher ranks, Epic officers may also require Faction Credits to advance.

This table presents officers by name and earliest level available, captain and officer maneuvers, Star Fleet division and synergy group, rarity and shard cost per rankand initial Strength with Attack, Defense, and Health as "A", "D", and "H" in the table. Some officers may be recruited through missions earlier than they can be recruited with Recruit Tokens on the Recruit page. Approximate mission levels are marked in parentheses. For example, "Cadet James T. These abbreviations and color codes are used in those sections:.

Ships are grouped into four rarity classes and three star groups. The rarity classes are "common", "uncommon", "rare", and "epic". Each requires blueprints "BP" below to construct, and requires certain shipyard level " SY " below before it can be built. Combat characteristics include strength overallattack, defense, health, and numerous more detailed statistics not listed in this table.

Attack statistics include officer attack bonus, damage per round, armor pierce, shield pierce, accuracy, and critical chance and damage. Defense statistics include officer health bonus, and shield and hull health.

Utility characteristics include impulse speed, warp range ability to reach remote systemswarp speed, cargo capacity, protected cargo, and mining bonus. Ship strength increases with operations level, ship tier, ship level, and officers.They are all available through the regular recruitment, premium recruitment and ultra recruitment options.

star trek fleet command ship max tier list

Where PVP is listed under role, the captain and officer abilities only apply against Players. Where PVE is listed, they are only effective against red Hostiles. At the end of the table, I have grouped a few officers who work well together in certain situations which you will commonly encounter when playing Star Trek Fleet Command.

Each officer will contain a type of synergy group which can be found at the top right side of the officer's icon. Officers from the same synergy group will increase the captain's manoeuvre skill. If you have any other combinations that you find particularly effective, please share them in the comments below! These officers provide bonus XP when they are assigned, so if you are levelling your ship you want these to make levelling as quick as possible.

Mining is a risky business in Star Trek Fleet Command. These officers can help make things a little less risky by adding cargo protection, extra defence and speeding up mining activities.

Being attacked whilst mining is inevitable, so assign one of these officers to minimise your losses. When attacking or defending against other players you need to maximise your attack to quickly eliminate the other player as fast as possible, whilst boosting your defence so that you outlive their attacks.

These officers should help with boosting attack and defence against players. These officers provide a bonus for attacking NPC Hostiles which are useful for missions or farming for resources. Once you reach level 15 your station is open to attack by other players.

These officers can provide a welcome boost to station defences if they are assigned to a ship which is in one of the dry docks.

Once you reach level 15 you are also able to attack other players stations, so these officers can come in handy to give you an additional boost to your attack fleet. If you have any recommendations for Star Trek Fleet Command Officer Assignments please let us know in the comments below! This post is part of the series Star Trek Fleet Command. Use the links below to advance to the next tutorial in the couse, or go back and see the previous in the tutorial series.

Please bear in mind that the captain's maneuver for T'Laan does not work. Scopely has acknowledged this but has never fixed it. Assigning T'Laan will not award any bonus XP.

star trek fleet command ship max tier list

This is an exceptional compilation of Officer info, which helps with tactics. I've tried finding this and other info on how to play the game to no avail We respect your privacy, and will not make your email public. Hashed email address may be checked against Gravatar service to retrieve avatars. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.A fleet in Star Trek Online is a group of up to players that have banded together.

Up to 13 fleets of the same faction can also band together to form an Armada to share resources and earn passive bonuses. With Season Six: Under Siegea dedicated advancement system for fleets was introduced.

It allows the fleet to build and develop various fleet holdings:. Increasing the tier of holdings is achieved by completing projects within their respective departments. As all fleet members can contribute, these projects require large amounts of various resourcesfirst and foremost fleet marks and refined dilithium. As a fleet develops its holdings, it gains "Fleet XP", thereby increasing its "Fleet level".

This is advanced one level for each tier a fleet holding or one of its departments being upgraded. For reference, having reached the maximum tier of the starbase, the embassy, the dilithium mine, the spire, the research lab, and the colony world including all their respective departmentsa fleet will have achieved level The fleet level indicates a fleet's maturity and progression, and forms a total Armada level if the fleet is part of one explained in the section below.

Since Season Armadas are composed of up to 13 fleets arranged in an hierarchical system. The top level fleet will be called the "Alpha Fleet", which can invite and kick up to 3 "Beta Fleets", which, in turn, can each invite and kick up to 3 "Gamma Fleets". Fleets in an Armada which will always be named after its Alpha fleet can view each others member rosters, contribute resources to each others Fleet Advancement System member fleets can toggle to block individual resources from being contributedand will receive two passive buffs:.

The Armada level is the sum of the Fleet Levels of all the member fleets. Every member of a fleet can view the roster scontaining various information on all online as well as offline members of the entire armada, if the fleet is member of one.

The fleet bank is a universal storage facility for inventory items and credits that is accessible by all members of your fleet who have the proper permissions. Fleet banks are universal; items and Energy Credits placed into any fleet bank will appear in all fleet banks throughout the galaxy and are available for retrieval no matter which fleet bank is visited.

Fleet banks are a part of the normal bank terminal and can have up to 8 tabs of storage space. The first tab is available to the fleet automatically; additional tabs must be purchased for a cost of 1, each.

The maximum amount a fleet bank can hold is 1, In Star Trek Onlinefleets can also create their own specific emblems and uniforms. These can be previewed and edited if a member has sufficient permission in the "Uniform" section of the main fleet window. Members can then visit a tailor and activate their "Fleet uniform" slot. The uniform may then be chosen as a pre-made costume option, whereas the emblem can be displayed as a shoulder patch on a member's character and as a painting on his or her ship.

While a team of five is required to form a fleet, once formed it can go down to a single member. You must remove members to add new ones. Sign In. From Star Trek Online Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History.Last Updated on February 24, You can use this currency to build, upgrade, and research instantly.

The game will give you this in-game currency as a reward upon leveling up or from other events daily goals, missions. If you are a f2p player, then you should spend it wisely. You can check the power at the top-left corner on the home station screen interior.

In all these upgrades, you will need a lot of resources; Parsteel, Tritanium, Dilithium, and more. The main building at the home-station is Operations โ€” Command Center. Upgrading it unlocks new buildings, upgrades, features, and much more. The maximum level of this building is 50 and at each level, you get the weapon damage bonus. Your station is in the galaxy, in a random system.

It will cost you relocation token. You get this item for free when you start the game. At the beginning of the game, you have two drydocks Drydock A and Drydock B in your fleet; so you can only assign up to two ships Ship A and Ship B in the fleet. If you want to assign more ships, you will have to build drydock. If you have already assigned the ship to available slots and want to change, then swap that ship.

Tap it and choose a ship. Note โ€” You must recall the ship to home station and repair it. Otherwise, you would not see the swap button. Having multiple ships in the fleet helps you a lot.

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The game gives you one ship for free when you start the game. After it, you will have to build the ships. There you can check the list of ships featured in Star Tree Fleet Command. Tap the build button to start the construction process. Prerequisite: โ€” Prior to the construction, the player has to unlock the ship.

How to get blueprints? Destroy the high-level hostiles in the systems to obtain blueprints. First, make sure to recall it to the base. After it, tap the ship at the bottom of the screen. All the ships in Star Trek Fleet Command game have different stats. To level up the ship, you need Ship XP.

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Ship XP can be obtained from the missions, daily goals, events. Ships can also earn EXP from the battles or other tasks mining.

Star Trek Fleet Command - How To Upgrade Ships

Sometimes, the game grants EXP. You can obtain parts for the ships; explorer, battleship, interceptor and more by destroying the hostiles.

Star Trek Fleet Command on PC: Ships Guide

As you progress through the game or level up, things will change. You will need to power-up the ships to dominate in the PvP mode or keep the station safe. To tier up or increase the level cap of a ship, you need parts; explorer parts, battleship parts, interceptor parts. These parts come in various grades, for example; 3-star interceptor parts, 2-star interceptor parts, 1-star battleship parts, 2-star explorer parts. You can get these parts from the PvE chests or mega chests.


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